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Loss Mitigation (held in accordance to the Fair Debt Collections Act (FDCPA).
This is a house call made to make contact with a named individual, deliver documents to a named individual, retrieve good contact information from a named individual, provide information of property condition (if the owner occupies the property), and provide a photo of said property in question. 

I. Attempts will be made between the hours of 8a.m. and 9p.m. CST. If contact is not made with the named individual after (4) attempts, the documentation will be posted with the following note: "Your Mortgage Servicer has been trying to reach you. Please read over the enclosed information and call the phone number providedduring the listed business hours. This is very important, so give it your utmost consideration".

II. All documented information and photography will be provided on the "House Call Report" which will be submitted back to you.

Tenant Checks
This is a check for various elements to include the following:

  • Occupancy / Vacancy Information: If said property is occupied, obtain the names and contact information of occupants if available. If the said property is vacant or for sale, obtain property information such as a realtor name and contact information. 
  • Provide full description of subject property to include: description and color of structure, status of utilities, personal property, if said property is secure, listing of any known damaged property, conditions of grounds, and outer structural status such as pool structures.
  • Written report provided with an attached digital photo of the front of the property.

Vacant Property Checks and Inspection
This is a property inspection of vacant properties to include: 

  • Property Securement. Inspection values for the partition of securement include visual inspection of windows, doors, garage doors, fences, pool guards or fences, entryway gates, and overall safety.

  • Visual Inspection of Structures. This is to include, but not limited to: Outer walls of the main structure, outer walls of out-buildings, roofs, and porch or deck conditions.

  • Condition of Grounds. This portion includes, but is not limited to: lawn condition, bushes or shrubbery, pool condition, garbage, debree, latices, and overall appearance.

  • Status of utilities to include: Gas, water, and electricity status.

  • Written report provided with an attached digital photographs.